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Chopping Blocks & Cutting Boards

Cutting board No.1 Cutting board No.2 Cutting board No.3

Cutting board No.4 Cutting board No.5 Cutting board No.6 Cutting board No.7 Cutting board No.8

Cheese & Garlic Boards

Cheese board No.1 Cheese board No.2 Cheese board No.3 Garlic board No.1 Cheese board No.5

Bread Boards

Bread board No.1 Bread board No.2 Bread board No.3

Wedding Gift Set

Wedding Set


Set of four coasters No.2 Set of four coasters No.3 Set of four coasters No.1 Set of four coasters No.4 Set of four coasters No.5


Urns Urn No.1 Urn No.1 Alternate View - Walnut and cherry Urn No.2 - Jatoba and spalted beech

Urn No.2 Alternate View - Jatoba and spalted beech Urn No.4 - Maple and mahogany Urn No.4 Alternate View - Maple and mahogany


Large Box No.1 Detal of Large Box No.1 Large Box No.2 Large Box No.3

Card Box No.1 Card Box No.1 - Inside view Box No.1 - Wavy ash and oak Single box

Boxes Detal of boxes Collection of small boxes Collection of small boxes

Products may include the following woods:
• maple • birch
• cherry • jatoba
• walnut • ayp
• oak • ash
• pau amarello • mahogany
• lace wood • purple heart
• padauk • wenge
• birds eye maple • curly maple
• beech • zebra wood
• teak
• spalted maple - are only used in boxes and urns
• spalted beech - are only used in boxes and urns
• plus 32 other woods can be special ordered for the customer